My work in digital media includes prints, photography and bodies of work combining both traditional and digital media. Digital tools are well-suited for geometric abstraction. The precision of computer-generated images provides a nice counter balance for the hand made mark.

I find humor through visual puns when looking through the lens of a camera. I am particularly attracted to objects with anthropomorphic qualities and enjoy changing the context of the familiar.

Tribal Regions are a series of digital mandalas conceptually showing a sense of cultural landscape derived from my perception of that place. Formally, radial symmetry, pattern and intricate color relationships are used to express landscape through the use of pure geometric form.

The series of digital posters called The Wreck of AhTar, is an intentional study of disordered geometric form. By systematically photographing twelve equilateral triangles grouped in stages of collapse, the theme of destruction is explored in a constructed architectural space.