By including both representation and abstraction in the same painting, I am asking the question, What is Real? Of specific importance in my work, is how emotion and feeling serves as a path to transcendental states of being.

Painting is an immediate, sensuous act. These paintings are created on copper flashing especially prepared to accept oil. Thin oil glazes blend with direct painting techniques allowing for a wider range of expression. The warm, rich luminescent copper ground shows through and will change with age.

Landscape is a metaphor for our bodies, the earth is part of us and we are part of it. Painting the landscape is a means of expression that undergoes a free transformation from objective reality to subjective realization. This work combines two dissimilar media and is informed by Ink Brush Painting and American Lyrical Abstraction.

All painting is essentially an abstract activity closely related to another abstract activity, that of reading. Combing text and image is explored in these paintings. The text functions as image and sign.

The Letterform Series is a group of six paintings about perception and communication. Text behind the letter forms go in and out of legibility. Text as image becomes conscious of itself as unintelligible bits of conversation are made visible.